Thursday, May 16, 2013

Iron Man 3 Movie Review and Wine Pairing

In this 3rd episode, we find our hero, Tony Stark( Robert Downey Jr.), in as deep of trouble with the bad guys as he is in sarcasm.  Although slightly faded, he is, still, a smart-ass that we love to watch make fun of people - even when he picks on a young boy who lost his father.  How does he do this?  He is full of love - joyous and bubbling with the dark, sometimes silver tone that he exudes from his true past of sordid follies in his own life.  We love him.  I love him.  He reeks of hero in life and on film and a toast of wine to the superhero who, really, knocked the shit out of himself and came back to produce, yet, another blockbuster that I, thoroughly, enjoyed. 

 Iron man 3 kicks right into gear with his flamboyant gallivanting at some fundraiser...super-hot women trying to get near him as he prances around like some feathered rock star of the 70's.  Here, he meets a another genius - a super dorky one -, mind you - The Mandarin(Guy Pearce) that he doesn't pay much attention to as his priorities are in his suite, upstairs.  The young scientist has this idea....but Tony Stark doesn't listen.

If you love rocket fire and big explosions, well, this one has more than the rest.  Lesson-learned on listening when you didn't.  Dorky guy comes back with a vengeance and down comes the kingdom.  Fortunately, his beautiful savior - Gwenyth Paltrow - comes to his rescue, yet again, and saves his ass.

She saves his ass because he is an ass and, for some reason, beautiful women love confident idiots.  A donkey in every respect of the word, but, it is Downey's humility that keeps him honest and keeps his fans thinking that being a cocky, jackass, is somehow, OK.  After all, he is IronMan.  I forgive him.

 Downey's ego rolls throughout the film. I believe he sneaks in more one liners and smart ass comments than in any of the previous films. They aren't quite as sharp or quick as the last one but they are, still, very funny and the film falls nothing short of great and highly enjoyable.

Left with nothing in the middle of nowhere, Downey rebuilds, again, with all his love and technical know-how of robotics and scheming and comes back swinging.  But, the plot is full of surprises and his mind at work bring out new warfare and technology that has you shaking and laughing at the same time.
 Iron Man 3 is, yet another, wonderful, wild ride and deserves a full glass of well-aged, 2010 7&8 Napa Cabernet.  Like Robert Downey Jr., this wine is big but balanced.  It reaches out to grab with deep, berry flavor and reels you in.  It does so swimmingly on the palette that you think something must be wrong with this, something is going to crash, our hero is going to fail - but Tony Stark doesn't disappoint.  Nor does Robert Downey Jr. and this glass of one of Napa's stars!