Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gravity Movie Review And Wine Pairing

Gravity, starring Sandra bullock and George Clooney, is a space-age thriller set in the realms of science labs and space stations orbiting the earth.  Gravity is an incredible introduction into the workings of humans reaching out beyond our own planet, stretching ourselves in expansion into outer space, and the perils that can come with our dreams of worlds beyond our own.

What is so interesting to me is the, very, first three people that came into my wine bar and spoke with me about this film told me, essentially, that it was boring.  They presented the film to me as an outer space love story that was slow and not very good, in general.  So much for listening to the public.  For the past few weeks I have heard from so many other folks how good it was that i just had to give it a try.

Gravity is far from boring.  In fact, it kicks-ass and as much as i am not overwhelmed by anything Sandra Bullock has done, she plays her part just fine in this high speed disaster alongside George Clooney.  Disaster is a word that, only, describes what transpires in this film, in the most mild of terms.  There is prelude and hint of things to go wrong, right from the beginning - perhaps, even, some foreshadowing......and when the bells and whistles blow....the dramatic does stop coming rendering this film nothing short of a nail-biter.

Yet, as we are glued to edge of our seat, there is an ominous beauty in the cinematography....the shots from above looking down on the planet are, simply, dreamy.  It gives the audience some perspective on just how small we angle from God's perspective, perhaps.   However, with the deep hues and wide angle there is something horrible lurking in the background when you hear George Clooney exalt, "the Ganges looks so beautiful in the sunrise," as they spin round and round the planet at high speeds.

How is it they we learned to float this these craft....these high above the earth?  Was it not just 50 something years ago and many people were, essentially, laughing at the guy who said we could land on the moon?  Just 50 something years ago?  Amazing.  Amazing, yes, but with peril.  As we are so new to this age of space, Gravity, presents us with a, both, a world and the outer space around it, fraught with danger.....and I will let you discover why and how and enjoy the ride from here.

For my wine pairing, I was, at first, thinking explosive, powerful....perhaps, a big zinfandel.  But, after the first explosion, there came so much more that made me love this film.   It is intense and nothing short.  Did i say that, already?  Good.  My wine of choice for pairing is the Manzanita Creek 2007 Petite Sirah, Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley, California.  This wine has incredible structure with delicious, dark berry fruit and is inky, inky, inky......and intense....just like Gravity.  Enjoy!