Tuesday, June 25, 2013

World War Z Review

World War Z, starring Brad Pitt is the summer zombie blockbuster that all of us Walking Dead fans were waiting for.  Speeding zombies - ones that run at high speeds and are very alert as they scratch up impenetrable walls - lay the groundwork for some freaky, intense, close calls.   For many, it was received with gusto.  For myself, I found it very fun but lacking in any punch, which,  I so very much love to see Brad Pitt throw.
When Pitt got in this ring, his arms seemed to be tied behind his back.  Pitt acted just fine for his serious role in this horror film with the new and  inventive concept of high-speed, super-freak, zombies.  However, there was no, true, Brad Pitt that showed up to play.  The on-screen champion just wasn't there.  He had no accent like he did in Inglorious Basterds(yes, with an "E").  He had no insanity-mojo as in Twelve Monkeys where he threw his dirty fingers into the air as the disturbed and all-too convincing psychiatric patient.  There was no fight in this, Fight Club.  His role was the hero but he was just a hero with nothing more special than "he who escapes zombies."

Did i enjoy it?  Yes, very much.  I love zombie movies and the pile-ups and the great, narrow escapes were truly a new evolution in zombie films.  No longer do we need to sit in a theater, scared but, yawning, as the evil and undead limp sluggishly along in their attack.  This film was fearsome....people get munched, big-time.

But for any big-time scares this movie throws at you, the end is typical and has, already, been used.  They finish in an underground laboratory - much like the one in Resident Evil - a hive where the cure has to be stolen from under the noses of roomful of hungry zombies so that humanity can be saved.  It has been done, before.  Sorry.

As the concept behind World War Z  was killer- even though Brad Pitt wasn't, I want to pair this film with a good wine - not one that is poured at a first-class gathering under a chandelier where crown roast is served but a wine that is a lot of fun for the summertime.  For this, I present to you the 2010 Sobon Estates Cougar Hill(gold medalist).  This gem of a zinfandel from the Shenandoah Valley in Amador County(Sierra Foothills) springs to life in your mouth with deep, blackberry fruit with hints of cranberry, mint, anise, and chocolate.  Pair this wine with summer BBQ as it is perfect for any grilling you may be doing outdoors.

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  1. I wanted a lot more from this movie. The previews got this "Walking Dead" fan jazzed for some good action. Sadly I liked "Warm Bodies" better. I still like Zombieland for the best Zombie Comedy, but Shawn of the Dead was a close second.